ABOUT Gemini Imprints

My name is Kelly Roe, and I own and operate Gemini Promotional Products. It's a family-oriented company in more ways than one. Even the name of the business refers to my family.

I founded the company in 2006. At first I called the new business New Star Advertising Specialties, but I wasn't thrilled with it. I said to my wife, Marcia, that I couldn't believe I had helped hundreds of clients come up with great names for their businesses, yet couldn't think of one for my own.

Marcia then asked me why I was starting a business. I told her I thought it would be the best way to support our growing family.

She suggested somehow naming the business after our family. Well, at that time we were planning the first birthday party for our twin daughters, Corinne and Josephine. I did some research on twins and one of the first results to come up was the constellation Gemini. Once I saw that, I remembered that when we were dating, I had named a star in Gemini after my wife.

It was a natural. Gemini Promotional Products was born. I designed the logo in which the "I's" are custom-designed to resemble the astrological sign for Gemini. In 2009, when our son Patrick was born, I redesigned the logo to feature three stars – one for each of our children.

When you work with our company, we'll treat you like family. I've been operating that way throughout my career, starting when I was a sales representative for a sign company. I built a thriving clientele, mainly working with small businesses. It was very satisfying to help them build their businesses - not only by designing sign campaigns but by acting as a consultant and helping them choose an effective business name.

My deep desire, though, was to own my own business. And in 2006, with little money but a strong work ethic, I went out on my own. I haven't regretted it for a single moment. And you won't regret working with us to help promote your business. We hope to have a long and productive relationship with you.

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